What to check for before renting a house

Moving house is a difficult process even in the best of times. There are just so many things to check off and tons of houses in the market to rent – and this is made more difficult by the lack of information that landlords provide and your inexperience in identifying a trap. Fortunately, there is always help and by following a proven procedure and asking the right questions, you can make finding your dream house to rent a reality.

While you are saving up to move, you must start looking for a property to rent that is within your budget, that fits your style and is comfortable to live in.

Here are a few other tips to help you find the ideal home:

  1. One of the first things to do when looking for a house to rent is research the location to find out if it is safe, especially if you have children and want a child friendly environment. So if you can, do a few rounds in the neighbourhood and look out for how well maintained it is and you can ask a few people around. Well maintained areas are usually safe and have low crime rates. You can also check official stats online about the community or town you want to live in.


  1. Check if the property is furnished or unfurnished. A furnished house will comes with white goods, bed, living room furniture and in some cases a television and if you are on a tight budget, this will be an affordable start for you. However, furnished houses usually come with furnishings that don’t meet the style and taste of most tenants and you don’t want to be saddled with an unattractive home.


  1. Have a budget that will help you determine which property you can afford now and in the future. There is nothing as bad as finding your perfect home and then struggling to keep up payments and eventually moving not long after.

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