Turn your rental house into a home

Most tenants never imagine themselves staying in the same property forever or for a very long and the reality is that they don’t. However, that doesn’t mean they have to put up with the same boring carpets, tiles, wallpapers, windows, furniture, backyard and so on. There are a few things you can do turn your rental house into a real home.

Stay away from matched sets when shopping for furniture and instead look for unique sofas, tables, chairs and others that bring character and charm to your rooms. An example is, if you are looking to purchase a bed, then also look for a beautiful and unique headboard to go with and bring your living room to life with a sofa that has intricately carved legs or one that is made from wrought iron.

This one is a bit trickier, no wonder some tenants won’t make any changes to the carpet they’ve been saddled with. One solution is to steam clean the carpet and to use some colour and patterns here especially when dealing with brown or beige colour schemes.

Window blinds are fairly easy to replace and you don’t have to keep the ones you find when you rent a house. You can top them with a valance and you simply place a rod over your window and then use a unique fabric and drape it over the rope. By doing a search on Google, you will find images that help you understand the idea of the valance.

Many landlords permit their tenants to paint walls, providing they repaint them before leaving the house. If you have such a landlord then you can truly turn your house into a home that shows your personality. On the other hand, if you landlord objects, then you have other options like using fabric to cover the walls, again keeping colour in mind.

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