Searching for a house to rent as a student

If you are a student looking for accommodation, a number of things are likely to be important to you including the monthly rental charge, proximity to your university, type of accommodation and so on. Some students are fortunate enough to still live at home with parents and if that’s you, then that’s great, however if you’re striking out on your own, then choosing a good house is important.

Most students start by searching for flatmates. This is a good place to start for sure as it could save a lot of money in a shared property. So if you’ve identified a good house to rent and can’t afford to pay the full rental price, which is likely being a student, then it’s often a solution to seek other people looking for a house mate to share.

Also, you could look for a couple of flatmates and rent a 4-5 bed house. However, some students prefer to stay in university accommodation or college hostels, especially in the first year, and this is a good time to familiarise yourself with the area and meet some friends that you will later house share with.

Besides the cost of the house you want to rent, there are other factors to consider such as the location to your university. The closer the better and this will save you on travelling costs and time. It also means that you are likely to find many other students that will be willing to house share with you. You should also consider the amenities that the house and that will determine what you will need to purchase before you move in.

It’s a good idea to create a budget before renting a student house and factor in how much you will be paying per week or per month and if bills will be included in that. Your budget should also consider how much you will need each week for food and other ongoing expenses. With all this information, you can then assess whether renting a house is possible and where.