Online Resources to Help You Find a House to Rent

Many people are missing out on the opportunity to find their dream house to rent because they don’t make use of the vast number of resources available online. The simple fact is that most properties are now advertised online and it’s much easier and cheaper to find the ideal home to rent this way. Gone are the days when you would have to visit every estate agent office to find a house or buy the newspaper or property magazine in your search.

Now you have a wealth of properties to choose from right from your PC and you can even do so on your mobile because many sites are now mobile responsive.

Search Engines

Search engines like Google and Bing are one of the first places we go to online when we want to find products, services and information. That’s because they index almost all websites and they are a good place to start your property hunting endeavour.

The search engines will show results for your location and you will get a broad list of estate agents, property portals, Classified sites and private sites, all promoting houses to rent in your area. There are two main areas in the search results, and these include Organic listings and Paid Listings. Organic listings are the main listings on the body of the page and there is usually 10 of them and they are more trustworthy than Paid listings because it takes a long time to rank there.

Paid listings are often used by businesses to advertise their properties and their benefit is that they are updated regularly. So any properties you see there are likely to be still available.


Gumtree is the most popular classified site for property owners looking to rent out their homes. That’s because it’s free to advertise and only costs a few Pounds to get extra features to promote it. The process is fast too and within minutes, the property can be online. It’s popular with tenants too because they can deal directly with landlords and not have to go through the sometimes lengthy and expensive process of estate agents. However, you should be careful on such sites because of criminals. The vetting process is not as advanced as other sites and it’s easy for criminals to setup their accounts and use multiple profiles too.

Property Portals

These are more like comparison sites and include portals such as Right Move. You can find many quality houses to rent here because the vetting process is more advanced than sites like Gumtree and you are unlikely to fall victim to scammers on such sites.

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