How to find a house to rent

Finding a good house to rent is not difficult if you know where to look and if you work with a reputable estate agent to guide you through your search and the processing of your application. Whether you’ve landed a new job in a different town, or you need to find a cheaper house because of high living expenses; or maybe you have recently divorced and need to find a more affordable place in a good area, you can find the perfect home by following a few important steps.

House rental prices differ from area to area and suburbs are usually not as expensive as big cities. Also, the size of house will also determine how much rental you will be paying. If you have a family for example and need to rent a 4 bedroom house, your monthly rental is likely to be higher than the average persons and with the deposit and reference fees, you could be looking at a big initial payment just to move into your new house.

Private rental is another option and here you deal with the landlord directly and not an estate agent. The advantage is that you may not have to pay any application and reference fees and many private landlords don’t carry out credit checks. Again, there are no rigorous checks and if you have poor credit history and not a great rental past you may be able to find a good house. However, finding a good house to rent is difficult here and you are likely to experience problems in the future especially were rules are lax and not everything is in writing.

Here are a few things to do and ensure that the process is as painless as possible and that you find your dream house:

  1. Go online and search for properties on reputable sites like Gumtree and Rightmove and avoid any suspicious looking websites
  2. Take note of any properties that appeal to you and contact the agent immediately, because good ones usually go fast
  3. My advice is avoid private landlords if you can, and get help from a well-known and respected agent
  4. View the property and ask questions so you are clear on all issues about the property
  5. Explain your situation to the agent and if you have a bad credit history, make sure you tell them beforehand or else you could lose your processing fees. Let them when you would like to move in
  6. Sign the contract, pay the rent and deposits and move in.

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