Houses To Rent Pencoed

Whether it’s a 4 bedroom bungalow or semi-detached two bed house that’s a walking distance from a school or even a modern house located in the heart of the city, you can count on Adobe Lets Property Management to find you the right property to rent in Pencoed. We have properties to rent in Pencoed to suit all budgets and needs and if you can’t find what you need on our website, please contact our staff for extra help.
So whether you’re new to Pencoed or are just looking to move to a new and better property, we have a house for you. We even notify you when properties to rent in Pencoed meet your requirements and are available for occupancy.

Quality Houses to rent in Pencoed

We have a database of landlords that have houses to rent in Pencoed that include rooms, sharing houses, studio flats and 1-5 bedroom houses that are suitable for students to large families. Properties are also conveniently located off the motorway for commuting to Cardiff or Bridgend and we have some in the centre of Pencoed which are either detached or semi-detached.

We have bungalows that comprise modern fitted kitchens and enclosed rear garden and much more and character cottages with many original features including office, dining room, kitchen with oven/hob and so on. The list is endless and we continue to work with landlords to provide the best properties to rent in Pencoed.

The Process

Whatever your reason for moving, whether you are fed up with your current landlord or are tired of looking at house after house and not finding the one you need, we guarantee to assist you find the right house to rent in Pencoed. Our process is simple and we help you identify a suitable property and arrange the viewing at a time to suit you and the landlord. You will be accompanied by a member of staff who will advise you on all aspects of the property and having decided on a property, you will need to complete a confidential written application. From there we collect your personal details and carry out checks and request a £50 fee for this part of the process and if all is successful you will be in your new house in no time.

Get In Touch

So don’t delay! Get in touch with our staff on 01656 667606 to discuss your requirements and to search for a house to rent in Pencoed.

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