5 Reasons Why Your House Is Not Renting

So you’ve cleaned your house, scrubbed the floors, thrown out the old furniture and replaced it with a modern and irresistible look, and yet you’ve still not been able to rent it out for the past 6 months. You may be asking yourself at this stage what is wrong and is there something I’m not doing right. Could it be that your house is just not as good as enough as other houses in the market or is there no real demand at this time despite all the viewings you’ve had.

Actually, you’re not alone! Despite the huge demand in houses in the current market, some landlords are just not taking some critical steps to rent their houses. For example, things like not answering the phone or a faded sign could really put people off. So here are six possible reasons why your house is not renting and what you can do about it:

High rental price
This is often the biggest problem when it comes to renting out a house. If your house or flat is priced above other similar properties, then you have little chance of getting a tenant quick. Often, tenants are aware of going rates more than you because they have been doing some research and if you are not willing to budge on the price, then they will move on.

Advertising Venue
If your problem is actually finding tenants to view your house, then it’s likely you have an advertising problem. There are many places to advertise your property including online classified portals, property websites, newspapers, blogs & websites and many others, but not all will be appropriate for you. That’s also because each advertising platform will have a target market it’s mainly aimed at and you need to be in the right place

No address or pictures in Ads
This is a fatal mistake especially when pictures are not included. Most people won’t look at an advert with no pictures especially for something like a house, which they want to see before committing time for a viewing.

If you are not reachable, then there is little point in advertising and wasting your money. If you can’t do telephone especially during working hours, then an email address should be fine but you should ensure that you check it regularly. If you’ve given your mobile phone, then ensure that you carry it at all times.

Lost your enthusiasm
After a while of not finding a tenant, you may start to feel dejected and feel like not giving time to promoting your house. Keep your enthusiasm! You will eventually find a tenant if you follow the tips above.