5 Reasons Why Your House Is Not Renting and what you can do about it

If your house has been on the market for some time and it is not renting, then there are one or more reasons why this may be so. It’s especially frustrating when you’ve done many viewings, and no one seems to have an interest in renting your house. If that’s the case, then it’s likely to do with the property itself and appearance and it’s something that you can find out with just a little investigation.

Sometimes your house may not be renting through no fault of your own. The economic conditions may not be favourable to landlords in your area or country and you just have to keep trying your best.

Here are some reasons that you can read to find out if there is something wrong you are doing, and what you can do about it:

  1. Rent is to high

This is one of the major problems and when people view your property, many will be looking to see how good it is, and if they deem that the price is too high for the quality of your home, then you will struggle to get a tenant. Be reasonable on your price, and research the market to see it through renter’s eyes.

  1. Promotion

If you don’t put in some time to promote and advertise your property, then many prospective tenants won’t know about it. There are both paid and free advertising options and one of the best free ones nowadays is Craigslist

  1. Incomplete Information

If your Ad has incomplete information and is competing with other well presented Ads, then you will receive a low response, especially if you don’t add any pictures. Many good potential tenants will ignore it. So you should have a good title with price, location, size and condition details – and it must have as many pictures as possible.

  1. Condition

If your property is shabby and just doesn’t look presentable, then you won’t get much interest. And there is no point in blaming the previous tenant – that’s no excuse. You should make sure it is ready on the first day of viewing and looking very clean.

  1. You are unreachable

There is no point in advertising your home for rent if you are unreachable on the phone. Whether you are at work or anywhere else, make sure you have someone to take the calls – and if not, just make it clear what times you are available and if they can contact you via email or other methods.

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